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Bootstrap Responsive Themes are redefining the way themes are distributed to the public. By streamlining and simplifying the process your Bootstrap themes will be selling within hours and not weeks as per the market leaders and authors can earn 70% commission on every sale!

Our team comes with a wealth of experience and we are here to help you. No more generic replies if a theme has not been accepted, we will reply individually and let you know exactly what needs to be done to get your Bootstrap theme 100% ready for the market.

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Bootstrap Responsive Themes

How do we reward you?

Our team here at Bootstrap Responsive Themes knows exactly how much time and effort is put into creating Bootstrap themes. We ALL strongly believe in rewarding you for your hard work, so all authors will earn a flat rate of 70% commission on every sale regardless of how many themes they sell!

All commission payments will be paid via PayPal on the 15th of every month, and because we want to make sure you get the full benefit of your hard work, as an additional bonus, all PayPal fees will be covered by us, which means you’ll get your full 70% commission on every sale!

Training Channel

We strongly believes in giving back to the community with plans to create a free dedicated YouTube training channel, teaching individuals whether they are beginners or experienced developers, how to use the Bootstrap framework to its best capability.

Bootstrap 3 Themes

There is no hiding the fact that Bootstrap v3 is totally awesome! Therefore we will only be accepting Bootstrap v3 themes, and we must point out, only the highest quality themes will be approved. We’ve done our research and seen so many poor quality themes for sale! We would rather have a small collection of premium Bootstrap themes than have a large selection of poorly designed Bootstrap themes.


Learn Bootstrap! Get access to free videos via our YouTube channel, that give specific "how-to" lessons for developers of all skill levels.

One2One Support

Our one2one support team are dedicated to helping you, NO generic replies if your theme is rejected! We are here to help you not reject you!

70% Commission!

Get rewarded with 70% commission from every sale of your theme! No sliding scale commission rates, just one flat rate regardless of volume of sales!

No Exclusivity Clause!

We don’t tie you in! If you want to submit your theme to other theme market places, you are free to do so! It’s your theme after all!

Are you a creative designer who is able to design and build Bootstrap Themes?

We are looking for creative Bootstrap themes within these categories: Bootstrap Admin Themes, Bootstrap Dashboards, Bootstrap Blogs, Bootstrap Skins, Bootstrap Business Themes, Bootstrap Corporate Themes, Bootstrap E-Commerce Themes, Bootstrap Landing Pages, Bootstrap Portfolios Themes and Bootstrap Resumes and CV’s.

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